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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

So last week I received my final year exam timetable.  There were no nasty surprises thank god.  I was pretty satisfied with it actually.

BUT it is slowing sinking in that I only have three months of uni left..

..three years have suddenly turned into three months. 
Oh how time flies!

I can remember the first day of uni like it was yesterday and now here I am with only a couple of months left.

This information hasn’t really sunk in yet – I have actually been hiding from it and pretending that it’s not happening.  

Unfortunately it is. 

I don’t know what is scarier/worse leaving uni and education or the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing after these three months of uni are over..
I need help.

Is anyone feeling the same? Or been through this process?

Fatma x

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Hello my sweeties :D

If anyone actually pays attention to me in this big bad internet world – they might have been wondering where I had gone to the past month or so. 

I know what your thinking – she went on a exotic holiday [I wish; and if I did I would have told the whole world about it :P]

Or I have had some sort of big life changing event happen to me. 

Sorry to disappoint but none of the above things happened. 

The reason why I haven’t blogged and haven’t had much of a presence online in the past month or so is because my laptop died.

My beautiful baby was working one day and the next it wasn’t. I think it just gave up on life  :’(

We had been through alot me and that laptop – a union of nearly three years; I think it’s totally understandable that I shed a few tears when I realised that it was dead. 

God I’m so sad and pathetic. 

I’m probably the only weirdo that gets attached to a laptop :/
So after several weeks of running around finding a new laptop and restoring all the data/memory into it – I am back :)

Oh yeaaah I'm back ;)

Fatma x

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Thursday, 31 January 2013

You all know from earlier about the housemate drama I've been having – well it’s just gotten worse.

Well the drama hasn’t just been happening inside the house but has now been taken into the public sphere.  Juliet thought it was in her prerogative to go around and tell everyone and anyone about our little house situation.

That’s not the issue here – she can tell anyone she wants she can even tell BBC news I don’t care. The issue is that what she has been saying isn’t true, she’s been bitching behind our backs and trying to turn our friends against us. 

What’s even worse is that she isn’t even telling them the full story or the truth – as usual she is victimising and making herself look like the innocent one. That’s what frustrates me the most, the fact that she is lying!!

GRRRR! I just want to scream!

But you know two can play that game. I have talked to some of people that she has tried to manipulate with her lies and set the record straight. 

Much to Juliet’s disappointment all our friends found it hard to believe what she was saying and didn’t believe her – quite the opposite actually they just found it wrong and awkward for her to go around talking about our private problems to anyone. 

Shame bitch. 

This is clearly testing my patience and my ability to control my emotions, so far I’m winning this test but I’ll tell you it’s taking all my strength not to scream/shake/smack her.

Fatma x

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy Birthday to me :D

Well technically Happy belated Birthday to me :D

On Monday I unfortunately aged a year and turned 21. The day itself was great I had a wonderful and relaxing time – I really enjoyed it with my housemates. They are soo amazing they even made me a birthday cake. It was a hijabi Barbie cake which I LOVED! And it tasted absolutely amazing! 

With this birthday I have reached another milestone in my life and damn it’s scaring me! It’s happening way too fast – I can’t believe I’m 21! I remember turning 18 like it was just yesterday and now I’m 21! 

Time doesn’t fly it rockets!

I’d like to pause and rewind, go back to when I was a little girl and my biggest worry was which chocolate to buy after school. 

I’m growing up too fast and I really don’t want to. For some time now I have been putting off making major life decisions and figuring out my life but I’m realising that I can’t put them off anymore and I’m going to finally have to face the music. 

Well I look forward to what this year has in store for me, and inshAllah it will be a year full of happiness and success. 

Fatma x

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

For the past week the temperature in the UK has been plummeting to crazy cold and by mid week we were officially in the sub zero numbers. 

It was -5 °C on Wednesday night! 

That’s just crazy cold! Too cold actually and I swear it’s only getting colder!  

It doesn’t help that as a broke students we can’t really afford to have the heating on all the time and that our student house is completely incapable of keeping heat inside the house!

As a result I have decided to hibernate in my room for a while; you will find me under my duvet wrapped up in several jumpers and tops with my blanket on top. 

As you can see I can’t deal with the cold very well. Actually I can’t deal with the cold full stop.

Winter is the worst season of the year! I hate it. 

I confess I am almightily scared of the cold.

How have you been handling the winter weather? 
...better than me I’m sure :)

Fatma x


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Today was the beginning of the spring term at uni – my last undergraduate spring term. I can’t believe how fast three years has flown by – I can vividly remember my first spring term and today I started my last. 

Time has a way of eluding us.

You’d think cause it’s my last proper term at uni that my school would give me a pleasant timetable for the term – but no. 

Oh how greatly disappointed was to find out that I have alot of early starts, which in this cold weather will be a mission to get up for :/

..but as a consultation prize I get a three day weekend as I have Mondays off :D

I feel good about this term. I’m not deluding myself by pretending that it’s gonna be an easy term – it most definitely won’t especially with the fact that I will have to ACTUALLY do work on my dissertation. My dissertation will be the end of me.  

All in all this term is set out to be an interesting one. 

Fatma x

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

It hasn’t been a week into the new year and already drama has already erupted in my life.

In September, myself and my two previous housemates moved into a house with two other friends.  There had been trouble from the beginning; originally three of the girls didn’t want to move in with the other girl- Juliet. I felt guilty and bad for her and in part I guess I was a coward, I couldn’t confront her that we didn’t want to move in with her. So instead I persuaded the other girls that moving in with her wouldn’t be bad, I put myself on the line for her..

When she had issues with her family and her boyfriend we were the ones who cared, comforted her and supported her. 

How does she repay me and the others? 

By shoving everything we have ever done for her in our faces, breaking our trust, bitching about us behind our backs and lying to us. It’s amazing how wrong you could be about a person. I guess you don’t know a person properly until you live with them.. 

She is ungrateful, self-centred and a pathological liar. 

Last week she admitted to me that she had brought her abusive boyfriend (who I’d like to add has spent time in prison for assaulting her, has numerous criminal records for assaulting others and has been banned from various places in town) into the house when we had specifically told her that we didn’t want him anywhere near the house as we weren’t comfortable with him around. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

When the other girls found out all hell broke loose. We all confronted her and she responded by insulting us and by saying that we had ganged up against her. Typical to her nature she made this all about her and as usual she made herself seem like the victim. 

Three days ago she texts us saying that she was moving out.

To tell you the truth I want her to move out. I’ll gladly throw a party when she moves out. Our entire relationship was one sided – everything was about her. I’m over it now. Never have I ever felt like this about a person before. After all she has done to me I am beyond caring.. I couldn’t possible give to craps about her. 

I know that what goes around come around and that one day God will repay me. 

Plus Karma is one bitch you don’t want to mess with. 

I’m not over reacting am I? You would have reacted the same right.

Fatma x

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