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Sunday, 6 January 2013

It hasn’t been a week into the new year and already drama has already erupted in my life.

In September, myself and my two previous housemates moved into a house with two other friends.  There had been trouble from the beginning; originally three of the girls didn’t want to move in with the other girl- Juliet. I felt guilty and bad for her and in part I guess I was a coward, I couldn’t confront her that we didn’t want to move in with her. So instead I persuaded the other girls that moving in with her wouldn’t be bad, I put myself on the line for her..

When she had issues with her family and her boyfriend we were the ones who cared, comforted her and supported her. 

How does she repay me and the others? 

By shoving everything we have ever done for her in our faces, breaking our trust, bitching about us behind our backs and lying to us. It’s amazing how wrong you could be about a person. I guess you don’t know a person properly until you live with them.. 

She is ungrateful, self-centred and a pathological liar. 

Last week she admitted to me that she had brought her abusive boyfriend (who I’d like to add has spent time in prison for assaulting her, has numerous criminal records for assaulting others and has been banned from various places in town) into the house when we had specifically told her that we didn’t want him anywhere near the house as we weren’t comfortable with him around. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

When the other girls found out all hell broke loose. We all confronted her and she responded by insulting us and by saying that we had ganged up against her. Typical to her nature she made this all about her and as usual she made herself seem like the victim. 

Three days ago she texts us saying that she was moving out.

To tell you the truth I want her to move out. I’ll gladly throw a party when she moves out. Our entire relationship was one sided – everything was about her. I’m over it now. Never have I ever felt like this about a person before. After all she has done to me I am beyond caring.. I couldn’t possible give to craps about her. 

I know that what goes around come around and that one day God will repay me. 

Plus Karma is one bitch you don’t want to mess with. 

I’m not over reacting am I? You would have reacted the same right.

Fatma x

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