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Monday, 4 March 2013

Hello my sweeties :D

If anyone actually pays attention to me in this big bad internet world – they might have been wondering where I had gone to the past month or so. 

I know what your thinking – she went on a exotic holiday [I wish; and if I did I would have told the whole world about it :P]

Or I have had some sort of big life changing event happen to me. 

Sorry to disappoint but none of the above things happened. 

The reason why I haven’t blogged and haven’t had much of a presence online in the past month or so is because my laptop died.

My beautiful baby was working one day and the next it wasn’t. I think it just gave up on life  :’(

We had been through alot me and that laptop – a union of nearly three years; I think it’s totally understandable that I shed a few tears when I realised that it was dead. 

God I’m so sad and pathetic. 

I’m probably the only weirdo that gets attached to a laptop :/
So after several weeks of running around finding a new laptop and restoring all the data/memory into it – I am back :)

Oh yeaaah I'm back ;)

Fatma x

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