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Saturday, 19 January 2013

For the past week the temperature in the UK has been plummeting to crazy cold and by mid week we were officially in the sub zero numbers. 

It was -5 °C on Wednesday night! 

That’s just crazy cold! Too cold actually and I swear it’s only getting colder!  

It doesn’t help that as a broke students we can’t really afford to have the heating on all the time and that our student house is completely incapable of keeping heat inside the house!

As a result I have decided to hibernate in my room for a while; you will find me under my duvet wrapped up in several jumpers and tops with my blanket on top. 

As you can see I can’t deal with the cold very well. Actually I can’t deal with the cold full stop.

Winter is the worst season of the year! I hate it. 

I confess I am almightily scared of the cold.

How have you been handling the winter weather? 
...better than me I’m sure :)

Fatma x


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