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Thursday, 31 January 2013

You all know from earlier about the housemate drama I've been having – well it’s just gotten worse.

Well the drama hasn’t just been happening inside the house but has now been taken into the public sphere.  Juliet thought it was in her prerogative to go around and tell everyone and anyone about our little house situation.

That’s not the issue here – she can tell anyone she wants she can even tell BBC news I don’t care. The issue is that what she has been saying isn’t true, she’s been bitching behind our backs and trying to turn our friends against us. 

What’s even worse is that she isn’t even telling them the full story or the truth – as usual she is victimising and making herself look like the innocent one. That’s what frustrates me the most, the fact that she is lying!!

GRRRR! I just want to scream!

But you know two can play that game. I have talked to some of people that she has tried to manipulate with her lies and set the record straight. 

Much to Juliet’s disappointment all our friends found it hard to believe what she was saying and didn’t believe her – quite the opposite actually they just found it wrong and awkward for her to go around talking about our private problems to anyone. 

Shame bitch. 

This is clearly testing my patience and my ability to control my emotions, so far I’m winning this test but I’ll tell you it’s taking all my strength not to scream/shake/smack her.

Fatma x

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