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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

So today me and a friend ventured out in the cold to check out the sales and shop our worries away.

The funny thing is that neither me or her actually had any money of our own – we are both deep in our overdrafts – oh the woes of being a student :/

We decided we would go to Westfield; we thought it was going to jam packed but surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. 

The queues weren’t the main thing that surprised us, the sales themselves did. They were shockingly bad. They were barely any bargains or any good buys. 

All I ended up getting was make up from KIKO (which is a great make up brand, I definitely recommend it). Only one of the items was actually discounted everything else was at full price. 
I love sales and I was so badly disappointed today. I wanted to spend money – I wanted to have that happy feeling that you only get when you spend serious money! Maybe I wasn’t looking at the right places. Maybe I just wasn’t that lucky today. But alas it wasn’t to be..

But I’m sure my parents and my bank account are quite happy about today’s turn of events. 

How did you find the sales? Any good buys?

Fatma x

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